The ‘first’ Princess Alice disaster

It’s often called the “forgotten” tragedy of the 19th century - the loss of nearly 700 lives aboard the Princess Alice steamer on the River Thames, following its collision with a coal ship. But this article describes another truly forgotten collision involving the SS Princess Alice seven years earlier. On this occasion it was our great-grandmother and her family on board a skiff returning on a day out to Kew that were the unsuspecting victims. Image: Boulter's Lock, Sunday Afternoon, 1895 by E J Gregory

The anonymous lighterman

The life of the 19th-century lighterman was both enthralling and dangerous. This posting looks at a 'letter to the editor' on the subject of lightermen. (Featured image: British School, 19th Century Upper reaches of the River Thames with a lighter to foreground and barges and masted vessels, 1913)