The pieces fit

The 1911 wedding photo provided the clues. Now it all makes sense. The pebbled beach scene figures that are discussed in the first article are unmistakably the same as three of the people at the wedding:
Just behind our bride and groom are the bride’s parents Harry Finch (Born 1871) and Mary Ann Matilda Finch (nee Brown 1872–1948) who got married in Deptford in 1892 . They would be my great grandparents.

The boy that appears on the beach scene with a slightly scolded look is Charles Higham Finch who was born in 1898 and is our great uncle.

The dog even got a mention in the wedding annotation. As noted by Auntie Gwen some years later:

“Buller the dog played a big part in family life and one day a search party set out as my uncle Charlie had been missing for hours. Eventually when searching through a wood they heard the dog barking. He had stayed beside a shallow tree which in climbing my uncle had fallen down”

The beach scene photograph must have been taken around 1906. The Coronation must be referring to Edward VII’s Coronation on 9 August 1902.

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